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Refund Policy

Digital Products

Prior to a digital product being downloaded, a full refund is offered if you wish to cancel your order.

Once a digital product(s) has been downloaded, all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.

Note that double/duplicate purchases of the same product by the same buyer can accidentally occur from time to time. In such instanaces all but the first item purchased will be refunded.

Consultant Services

Consultancy services that are billed at an hourly rate. A time and price estimate provided for and agreed on in advance. In the event of a dispute about hours claimed and/or not satisified with the work product, a partial refund may be offered.

Programming Services

Programming projects are estimated and price quoted in advance of the work according to a mutually agreed on specification and statement of work. Billing is made apon completion and delivery to the client. Technical issues raised and bug reports made within 90 days will be addressed free of charge.

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