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BarricadeMX Version:   y y
BarricadeMX is a SMTP filtering proxy. Developed by SnertSoft in collaboration with Fort Systems Ltd., BarricadeMX combines & enhances many of the most popular SMTP filtering techniques, along with some new ones into a comprehensive all-in-one package that can be installed as the first line of defense in front of any mail transfer agent, such as Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Qmail, and others on the same server or a separate machine.
milter-7bit Version: 0.16.146   y ?
Mail messages have a standard structure and format that is covered by RFC 2045 et al. "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions" (MIME). A user's mail software is suppose to adhere to these standards for the formatting and transmission of mail as 7-bit, 8-bit, or binary data. A lot of spam, in particular those written in foreign languages, fail to adhere to these standards by sending unusual, often unprintable, 8-bit character codes in messages that are only supposed to contain 7-bit data for safe and correct transmission between mail servers. Many mail exchanges are very forgiving or careless in what they accept and so this form of spam gets through. This milter ensures that the content of a mail message adheres to the expected or declared Content-Transfer-Encoding as described by the related RFC documents.
milter-abook Version: 0.11.19   y ?
Part utility, part filter. This milter collects the recipient addresses of messages sent from white listed outbound senders. It can then optionally tag, reject, or discard mail from unknown inbound senders, which haven't been white listed or previously cached.
milter-ahead Version: 1.10.140   y y
This milter implements a "call-forward" technique, which is similar to a "call-back" (see below), but intended for use by mail gateways that desire a method of verifying that the recipient of a message exists on an authoritative mail store before the gateway accepts the message. Think of it as a poor man's LDAP. Many mail systems split the functions of mail transfer and that of storage & retrieval over two or more systems. Historically a mail gateway would always blindly accept and forward mail to their mail store, but spammers will often send mail to a domain using a dictionary of user names, resulting in many error message returns that can sometimes saturate the mail gateway. Often this situation is compounded by the mail gateway queuing those useless error messages for days as they attempt to send them back to the spammers that used throw away domains or mail servers that are now "off", eventually resulting in hundreds of "double-bounce" errors being sent to the mail gateway's postmaster mailbox.
milter-bcc Version: 1.4.98   y y
This is a utility milter that can add to the recipient list of any inbound and/or outbound message one or more blind-carbon-copy (Bcc) recipients depending on the MAIL FROM: and/or RCPT TO: addresses for any given message. This is particularly useful for mail hosts that manage several domains that desire a simple and flexible way to send a copy of messages to one or more mail boxes without the need for aliases, .forward files, or similar.
milter-clamc Version: 0.6.20   y y
This milter provides an interface to the popular open source Clam Anti-Virus scanner.
milter-cli Version: 0.17.43   y ?
This milter provides a means by which client connection and envelope details and/or message headers and content can be filtered using shell commands or scripts. Intended as a way to implement quick & dirty content filtering solutions when there is no other suitable milter available.
milter-date Version: 0.25.204   y ?
A mail message contains several instances of date & time information, such as when the message was originally written, possibly when it was resent, and when each mail server en route handled the message. Spam messages often have incorrect time-stamps, appear to be too old or too far in the future, and/or demonstrate an inconsistent time-line. This milter verifies that the date & time information within a message is formatted according to RFC 2821, that a message is delivered within a configurable time frame, and that the transit of a message across mail servers reflects a consistent time-line.
milter-error Version: 0.8.22   y ?
Count the number of SMTP messages failures from an SMTP client and tag, reject, or discard subsequent messages if they exceed a given threshold.
milter-gris Version: 0.22.117   y ?
Grey-listing is a technique that uses the behaviour of a standard-compliant mail server to temporarily delay the acceptance of mail. When a sending mail server initially contacts a mail exchange to deliver a message, the details of the message are recorded and the mail exchange signals the sending mail server that the message is temporarily rejected. A normal mail server will place temporarily rejected messages into a retry queue and after an appropriate delay attempt to resend the message to the mail exchange. Your mail server accepts the message later, when the sender retries. The underlying principal here is that spammers use "mail cannons" to send as much mail as fast as they can and so will not implement a retry queue.
milter-length Version: 0.9.22   y ?
A utility milter that can reject mail according to different message size limits per IP, domain name, or sender address.
milter-limit Version: 0.16.1   y y
Message limit accounting is a facility to control the number of messages that traverse a mail exchange according to domain, sender, or recipient. It could be used on the outbound side like Hotmail's daily message limits to limit local user's consumption (particularly if they appear to be infected by a mass mailing worm); it could be used inbound as an alternative to grey-listing. It could be enabled and disabled as needed during periods of peak mail activity such as during a virus outbreak or spam holiday season.
milter-link Version: 2.0.`cat /home/achowe/git/com/snert/src/milter-link/BUILD_ID.TXT`   y y
Extracts URLs from a mail message and checks it against one or more URI blacklists. Can also verify if any link is bad.
milter-ns Version: 0.4.11   y ?
A utility milter that adds a report header to each message containing the sender's NS records, suitable for downstream processing.
milter-null Version: 0.6.14   y y
A mail filter to help with DSN backscatter and null address abuse.
milter-p0f Version: 0.6.12   y y
A sendmail / p0f interface that allows for passive OS finger-printing analyses of SMTP connections and adds a report header to each message for future action by downstream filters.
milter-report Version: 0.13.28   y ?
A utility milter that records all sender & recipient pairs that are rejected by Sendmail or other milters in order to send peroidic reports to the recipients. Useful for people who are worried about loosing mail, because of anti-spam filtering and would at least like to know what email addresses were rejected just in case one of them was legitimate.
milter-siq Version: 0.21.134   y y
The Server Index Query (SIQ) protocol is intended to provide a standard means by which a mail exchange can query one or more third party services for a score based on facts, trends, or reputation of a connecting mail server's IP address and/or the sender's domain. This milter is a client side implementation of the current Internet draft.
milter-spamc Version: 1.15.388   y y
This milter provides an interface to the popular open source SpamAssassin mail analysis tool, which returns a score based on a comprehensive set patterns and Bayesian checks.
milter-spiff Version: 0.15.33   y ?
This is an independent implementation of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF-Classic), This mail filter will accept, tag, reject, and/or discard email according to a domain's published SPF records, which document the valid sources of mail for the domain.
Roundhouse Version: 0.5.19   y y
This is an SMTP multiplexer, which takes the input from an SMTP client connection and copies it to one or more SMTP servers. Intended as means to debug and test different mail server configurations using a production mail server's live data stream.
Private Wimp MLM Version:   y ?
A simple light weight mailing list manager.
  s8 = Sendmail 8.13+
p  = Postfix 2.3 w/ milter support
?  = untested, expected to work
*  = untested, may require updates

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